CFEBA Established a Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund


The “Energy Capital” of the United States is under water.  Hurricane Harvey has dumped more than 50 inches of rain in the greater Houston area, an amount that is reported to be the greatest ever recorded in the lower 48 states from a single storm.  One commentator likened the Houston area to an inland sea with many islands. 
Tens of thousands of displaced residents are now in public shelters.  Many more, possibly hundreds of thousands, have lost their homes and are staying with friends or family.  First responders from across the nation, federal authorities such as FEMA and the Coast Guard, state authorities such as the Texas National Guard, and thousands of private citizens (from many areas and states) have undertaken heroic efforts to rescue and care for so many.  Harvey is likely to go down as one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history. 

Consistent with our mission, the Charitable Foundation of the Energy Bar Association, your charitable foundation, is asking EBA members to support a substantial Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.  The CFEBA Board is working with our Houston Chapter and its president, Houston’s Senior Assistant Attorney James Cargas, to identify the most pressing needs and determine how to most effectively deploy the money raised in the Relief Fund.  We guarantee that 100 percent of the money CFEBA raises will go to energy-focused charitable applications in Houston and other areas affected by Harvey to bring relief to those affected and support efforts to rebuild the areas that have been devastated.

So many people, including many from the energy industry, have been affected.  These are our fellow citizens and industry colleagues, and it’s our responsibility to help them as best we can.  Recognizing that you may receive solicitations from numerous different organizations working to support victims of Hurricane Harvey, given the EBA’s strong connection to the Houston area we urge you to consider making a tax deductible contribution to the CFEBA’s Relief Fund today through our online store or by mail or fax using the Hurricane Harvey Relief Donation Form.

On behalf of the CFEBA, thank you for your consideration.

Mark C. Kalpin, President
Charitable Foundation of the Energy Bar Association


CFEBA Tax ID: 01-0743607